Punctual, professional and caring human beings

We hired Life Foundation Home Care (LFHC) for a brief period to provide overnight care for my elderly mother who lived in her own home, and had been unwell for a few days (we handled daytime/evening care for her ourselves but were unable to stay with her overnight every night). We were very impressed with the company from the outset with our first meeting with the administrator who took a personal interest in understanding my reluctant mother’s needs, and met with my Mom as well as with us (family) in my Mom’s home.. The 3-4 caregivers who attended to my Mom had previous elder care experience or were nurses. They were punctual and professional and caring human beings as well. They treated my Mom with respect, and as an intelligent lady with rich life experiences, vs. attending to just “expected duties”. They took the time to have good conversations with my Mom about her life, and whatever interested her, and that personal attention was special. There was one caregiver with whom we were not happy, and the management was receptive to our feedback and responded quickly to replace that caregiver the next day. We were especially pleased with a couple of the caregivers, and administrator was trying to get those two caregivers on a regular rotation schedule for us, but sadly, my Mom passed away a few days later and we no longer needed that care. Finding kind and well-trained caregivers who we can trust with our loved ones can be challenging. LFHC focuses on true CAREgiving for their clients and their families, and I am grateful for and comforted by the care that LFHC provided to my Mom.