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Looking for caregiver jobs in Houston and surrounding area? Interested in joining our team of caring caregivers? For us, its not just a job, its about helping a fellow human being. At Life Foundation Home Care, we take pride in the quality of our service and the impact we make in the lives of others. We are always looking for people who have a passion to help seniors and other members of the society. We would love to hear from you if you enjoy helping others and are passionate about being a caregiver.

What Qualities are Needed to be a Good Caregiver

First of all you need to have a compassion for others, you should be willing to help others to enable them maintain a good quality of life
Reliability; people will rely on you to provide them care and its important that they can trust you to be there when they need care
Have patience to work with people with limited abilities
Be a self starter and proactive. You need to be someone who can take a lead and do what is needed to provide care and comfort to others
Good communication skills. Willing to listen patiently to others and be proactive in communicating with your clients and agency

You can learn more about the type of services we provide by visiting our services page.

Benefits of Working For Life Foundation Home Care

  1. You will join a team of caregivers who are compassionate and caring
  2. Life Foundation Home Care is in business for over six years and have clients all over Greater Houston, Beaumont triangle and Dallas Fort Worth, we match you with a client in your area
  3. We pay in the top 20% of the market
  4. You get to provide one on one care to clients and not have to worry about dividing your attention among different patients
  5. You will be directly employed by Life Foundation Home Care
  6. We provide and pay for on going training to keep you upto date with industry trends
  7. We do direct deposit into your account, that means you receive your paycheck on time without any delays
  8. Caregiver recognition program to recognize and reward you for providing good quality care
  9. Bonus programs
  10. Whether you are looking to add a few hours or looking to work full time, we welcome and encourage everyone. We will work with you and match you with a client that matches your preferred work schedule
  11. You get paid overtime for anything over 40 hours per week

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