Remote Companion

Remote Companion is a service powered by Amazon Alexa that provides Virtual Companion to our clients. Whether you are looking to supplement your in-home care service with a virtual assistant or you just need a virtual assistant to have a peace of mind and set of tools for your safety, our Remote Companion service will be perfect for you. Remote Companion offers:
  • 24/7 voice activated emergency response system
  • Customize reminders for taking medications, Dr’s appointments
  • Hands-free voice activated phone
  • In-home intercom system
  • Set calendar appointments
  • 24/7 entertainment – Music, news, weather, trivia, books, jokes, stories, games, or just chit-chat with Alexa

Remote Companion offers the safety of no-touch assistance for people who are mostly independent but who need some assistance and companionship for a few tasks on a regular basis. As a family member, our Remote Companion service offers you the comfort of knowing that your loved one will have access to an emergency monitoring service when the need arises.

Have questions or would like to know how to sign up for the service, please contact us via phone at 832-612-0472 or online form.