Customer Feedback

Simply amazing

Excellent service! Nohemi cared for my son just like she would care for her own child. Simply amazing. Thank you.

Ebun E
Houston, TX

Optimistic HAPPY Caregiver

Shalynn was exceptional! She was kind, caring, efficient, and basically a optimistic HAPPY person in general.

Malika S
Chicago, IL

Going above and beyond

We have been using Life Foundation to help with my mom for several months. AJ and Sabine have been outstanding to work with. They are very caring and helpful. They go above and beyond to match care givers to their clients. We are very grateful for them and the care they offer our mom when we can not be with her.

Wade B
Orange, TX

Very flexible with our needs

Service in general was very good. They were very flexible with our needs, everything from the time changes to the type of caregiver we were looking for.

Sara K
Houston, TX

I recommend Life Foundation Home Care 1000%!

Life Foundation Home Care worked a miracle for my mom who desperately needed night nurses immediately. They first came out the next day for an assessment with my parents. They then worked diligently, tirelessly and non-stop until they found enough nurses for a week. AJ was always so pleasant on the phone, patient, professional and a workhorse. I talked to him a hundred times over a few days and he never stopped working for my family. My mom and dad loved all of the night nurses who came to help them. I recommend Life Foundation Home Care 1000%!

Rhonda L
Houston, TX

Responsive service

Sent a good caregiver on short notice.

Eubie G
Houston, TX

On time with a good attitude

I was in rehab and Life Foundation helped me get back on my feet. They did a good job and we didn’t have any problem at all. I only had one caregiver and she was a very compassionate and nice person. She was always on time and had a really good attitude.

Houston, TX

Pleased with the results

The lady that I like the best from Life Foundation was Frances. She did an excellent job. My primary needs are light housekeeping, cooking and doctor’s appointment. I was very pleased with her. She did a very good job for me. I was pleased with the results I got from Life Foundation.

Cypress, TX

Courteous, compassionate and skilled

Courteous, prompt, considerate, kind. Sitters were patient, compassionate and skilled.

Faith W
Houston, TX

We could not have asked for more

We have tried other agencies to find someone to check on our Dad in the nursing home and keep him company. Also, someone who could tell us if he had taken his meds and eaten. We got the most wonderful woman! My Dad looked forward to her coming and she was vocal on his behalf. We could not have asked for more.

Small Town Girl
Seally, TX

Punctual, professional and caring human beings

We hired Life Foundation Home Care (LFHC) for a brief period to provide overnight care for my elderly mother who lived in her own home, and had been unwell for a few days (we handled daytime/evening care for her ourselves but were unable to stay with her overnight every night). We were very impressed with the company from the outset with our first meeting with the administrator who took a personal interest in understanding my reluctant mother’s needs, and met with my Mom as well as with us (family) in my Mom’s home.. The 3-4 caregivers who attended to my Mom had previous elder care experience or were nurses. They were punctual and professional and caring human beings as well. They treated my Mom with respect, and as an intelligent lady with rich life experiences, vs. attending to just “expected duties”. They took the time to have good conversations with my Mom about her life, and whatever interested her, and that personal attention was special. There was one caregiver with whom we were not happy, and the management was receptive to our feedback and responded quickly to replace that caregiver the next day. We were especially pleased with a couple of the caregivers, and administrator was trying to get those two caregivers on a regular rotation schedule for us, but sadly, my Mom passed away a few days later and we no longer needed that care. Finding kind and well-trained caregivers who we can trust with our loved ones can be challenging. LFHC focuses on true CAREgiving for their clients and their families, and I am grateful for and comforted by the care that LFHC provided to my Mom.

Sugar Land, TX

Completely satisfied with the personal interest given to caregiving

Found to have a very efficient and professional approach to care giving for elders. Well trained and definitely know what they are doing. Completely satisfied with the personal interest given by them to CARE GIVING.

Sugar Land, TX

More than 5 Star

I tried Life Foundation Home Care first though Back Up Care with my employer. The management and employees are quite professional and helpful. The trained caregivers are always on time and have the best interest of the family member needing care as a sincere goal. When you return home and view how happy your family member is with the caregiver, you can’t wait for the next day for them to come. I am so thankful that I found Life Foundation for the work that they do. If I could give them more than five stars as a rating, I would definitely do that.

Houston, TX

Pleasant and skilled caregiver

We have had our Life Foundation relationship for about five months now. Our account manager is detail oriented and makes sure we have what we need and what our assigned caregiver needs to succeed. Our caregiver couldn’t be a nicer person, she’s personable, very pleasant, skilled and attentive to the needs of my husband who’s disabled.

Houston, TX

Going the extra mile

LFHC has been a lifesaver. The director of the company is involved in supporting the families for whom she works, always supportive of both her employees, the families and the senior citizens who need assistance. Her attitude is always helpful, willing to communicate and to go the extra mile in getting things done for the benefit of the clients. She is thoughtful, considerate and well informed. Providing a niche of services which is very much in demand, she always is prompt, courteous and a person whose promises are binding and whose intentions are great. It is a pleasure to work with her and with her, I always have confidence leaving senior relatives in the care of her employees.

Laura B
Houston, TX

Finding the perfect caregiver for each client

I contacted Life Foundation Home Care earlier in the year for an elderly neighbor and friend who needed in home assistance. LFHC was one of several agencies that I contacted after an internet search. I was very impressed with the company (and especially administrator) for the following reasons: 1) They responded to my inquiry almost immediately. 2) She provided a very in depth explanation about the services they could provide, as well as the qualifications and experience of their caregivers. Because I was calling on behalf of a friend, I was not able to immediately accept their services. She was very understanding and she would periodically check in with me to see if she could be of assistance. Eventually I was able to arrange an in home meeting, and I’m so happy to say that services started soon afterwards. They have been just wonderful about keeping me informed, even though I’m not a direct family member. I am so impressed with her professionalism, but more importantly her caring attitude towards others and her desire to provide the perfect caregiver for each client. I would highly recommend her to any relative or friend.

Gina J
Houston, TX

Exceeding Expectations

Exceeds my expectations on every level. From my very first contact, they were exceptionally professional and knowledgeable, and took the necessary time to help me identify my father’s needs. It was quite clear I was not talking to “a receptionist” or “scheduler.” Indeed, I later found out she not only is a Certified Senior Care Manager, but also has a PhD. And she doesn’t just on-board you as you begin the home care service and hand you off to someone else; she is your contact person going forward. This woman is impressive and makes a great first impression for the company. The care giver they chose for us was also far more qualified than one would expect relative to the help my father needed. Leona is a CNA. I was not expecting more than “a helping hand,” but we get a lot more from Leona than that. She is not only a caring and patient person with great knowledge and experience on how to deal with a stroke patient, she is a problem solver. She listens and understands what is challenging the family in terms of caring for my father on any given day, and she not only identifies solutions, SHE is often the solution! And because she lives so close by, we know we can (and have) count on her to check on my father on “off-hours.” We have great trust in her and are grateful for all she does for our father. Lastly, the communication Life Foundation Home Care provides to the family is also well beyond expectations. They actively contact you to assure all is well. And when anything noteworthy happens in terms of caring for my father, I am kept informed. This provides enormous piece of mind when I must be away from my father. I contacted the other service providers in the area. None come close to Life Foundation Home Care. I’m so glad they serve our area.

Judy H
Baytown, TX

Flexible to work with

They have been so wonderful to work with. I needed additional help and care for my grandmother and our caregiver is truly amazing. She is so sweet and is always willing to go out of her way for my grandmother.

Houston, TX

Excellent leadership and outstanding employee

Excellent orientation and leadership. Immediate response by owner and administrator with an outstanding employee for my care.

Karen S
Sugar Land, TX

Quick and timely followup

I went online and looked for places nearby. I called a couple of places and Life Foundation was the only one who called me back immediately. I thought that getting back to me immediately was really impressive. They’ve just been very easy and nice to work with. They’ve been accommodating and very easy to get along with too. The caregivers are very exceptional and honest.

Houston, TX

Knowledgeable and Professional Caregivers

Pamela was a great help to my mother. Very knowledgeable and professional. She also had wonderful bedside manner.

Yvette B
Houston, TX

Easy to communicate with, efficient and highly responsive

I have been highly satisfied with my experience over the past six months. I found the company to be easy to communicate with, efficient in how they do business, and highly responsive to our detailed needs. The two employees they have sent me were always on time, reliable, well-trained, and generally of high quality. They clearly do a thorough background check and vetting before they send employees to clients, which I greatly appreciate.

Sunil K
Sugar Land, TX